"I'm surprised in traveling the
world how influential the
Ramones were on rock music
and it's always a pleasure to
listen to a group influenced
by the Ramones rocking out
to their own very special
interpretation of the band.

In their songs for kids, the
Boogers capture the
essential Ramones spirit:
They get down to the basic
gut feeling in their songs
with no fooling around and
the lyrics deliver a
straight-forward message to
the kids using a free-spirited
sound with no holds barred.
Not only can the children
rock out to these songs but
the parents are also treated
to some real rock n' roll to
share and enjoy. From the
first song to the last song
you are getting the slamming
guitar, bubble-gum melodies,
and feet stomping beats
guaranteed to get any kid
and parent up and rockin'.

If the Ramones had ever
decided to make a children's
album this is what it would
have sounded like. There
will be no stoppin' the
kiddies from hoppin' after
listening to this music."

Gabba Gabba Hey & Rock

Monte A. Melnick
Ramones Tour Manager
(1974-1996) and author of
"On The Road with the
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Otto's Orange Day

Otto was a cat,  He knew his favorite color –
He only liked
orange and didn’t like the others
Then one special day a genie played a visit –
He granted him a wish and asked him just what is it

Orange grapes, orange apes,  orange plants, orange ants,
orange ducks, orange trucks, orange lights, orange nights,
orange crows, orange snow, orange cars, orange stars,
Anything, Everything, Anything, Everything

orange day, His wish came true the other colors went away

He slowly realized that this just wouldn’t work out –
If everything was
orange,  then it just wouldn’t stand out
He tried to take it back,  the genie didn’t listen –
He didn’t really care about the colors he was missin’

He finally got a plan, a pizza he would order –
He thought it’d put an end to the
orange-y disorder
Genie was surprised that he’d think about another –
Turned it back to a world full of color

orange day, Too much of the same can turn out to be lame
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Produced and
Recorded by:
Paul Crowe
Fatherhood, a PhD in
Psychology, and 20 years
of sloggin' in wretched
clubs as a punk rocker
formed Paul's vision of the
Boogers. As Crusty Booger,
he marries these
experiences to make punk
rock for kids and their

Cover & Liner Art:  
John Holmstrom
John Holmstrom was one of
the co-founders of PUNK
Magazine in 1975. His
artwork appears on a
number of the Ramones
early albums including the
backcover of Rocket to
Russia and the cover of
Road to Ruin.

Forward by:  
Monte A. Melnick
Monte was the Ramones
tour manager from the
beginning (1974) to the
end (1996) and probably
knows the Ramones as a
band better than anyone in
the world.
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