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Working on the Railroad  (1:36)

This song goes out to the great Graeme McClure (my brother-in-law) He actually DOES work on the railroad...all the live-long day!
The Wheels on the Bus  (2:50)
Okay, okay...I know this is a children's classic, but check out the new bridge sections we wrote. The bus keeps going on...cycle of life.
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1) This Song is About Transportation!
2) The ABC Song
3) I'm So Glad (I Got Teeth)
4) Peanut Butter and Jelly
5) Twinkle Twinkle
6) I Like Bananas
7) Grand Old Flag
8) Um Tut Sut
9) Bah Bah Black Sheep
10) Row Yer Boat
11) Mary
12) Fish Will Fly
13) The Nursery Rhyme Remains the Same
14) The Itsy Bitsy Spider
15) Working on the Railroad
16) I'm So Glad (I Got Feet)
17) The Fox
18) The Nursery Rhyme Remains the Same
(Big Mess Mix)
19) I Don't Need to Be Worried
20) The Wheels on the Bus
Recorded at the Booger Plant, this
award-winning disc has 20 children's
classics and original BOOGERS tunes
designed for your children's (and your)
listening pleasure. Incredible cover art
by Jay Lynch (Garbage Pail Kids/Wacky
"Another new kids' group I love...The Boogers' Road to
Rock is fun for punks young and old....Crowe's
self-penned songs are worth the price of the CD
alone...Lots of short, fun, loud songs ... perfect for your
budding rocker!"
Warren Truitt,
Kids Music That Rocks
"Slamdance kids! The Ramones spirit lives a
children's band."   
- Cookie Magazine
Song List
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download a FREE mp3 of our hit song "Otto's
Orange Day"
One if the Best Kids Albums of 2010!   - Daily Candy Kids
"If the Ramones had ever decided to make a children's
CD this is what it would have sounded like.  There will be
no stoppin' the kiddies from hoppin' after listen to this
- Monte Melnick, Ramones Tour Manager &
Author of   "
On the Road with the Ramones"
Top Ten Kids' Albums of 2011 - The Boogers
bring a breath of fresh air to the kids' music
world with their punky musical style and their
take-on-the-world original lyrics... Let's Go! is
definitely some of the best kids' music of 2011.
Available at   itunes   CDBaby   InterPunk
Incredible cover art by John Holmstrom (PUNK mag, Ramones)!
1) Let's Go!!
2) Pop Goes the Weasel
3) Otto's Orange Day
4) Eat Your Vegetables (Part 1)
5) The Big Rock Candy Mountain
6) Allright!
7) I Wish I Was A Mole
8) My Baseball Bat
9) I'm Ridin' My Bike
10) Eat Your Vegetables (Part 2)
11) What If A Zebra Had Spots?
12) In Wonder With the World
13) London Bridge
Song List